5 Number Summary Calculator is a free tool shared on the web that displays the maximum, minimum, first, second, third quartile value for the given set of data. 

In the subject of mathematics, it is visually represented using the boxplot for the given set of data values. For any given set of data values, the 5-number summary represents values such as the maximum value, minimum value, first quartile value, second quartile value (Median) and the third quartile value. 

These values are found by arranging the values in the ascending order, and then the five values are found. 

The procedure to use the 5-number summary calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Here, enter the numbers separated by a comma in the input field.

Step 2: In this step click the button “Calculate 5 Number Summary”.

Step 3: And the result of the given data set values will be displayed in the output field or a separate window.

A 5-number summary consists of these five statistics: the minimum, Q1 (the first quartile, or the 25% mark), the median, Q3 (the third quartile, or the 75% mark). 

It will also give you a rough idea about what your data set looks like. For instance, you’ll have your lowest value (the minimum) and the highest value (the maximum) or an estimate as to where data is more concentrated. 

The main reason you’ll want to find a 5-number summary is to find more useful statistics, like the interquartile range IQR, sometimes also called the middle fifty.