The ArcheAge is an epic fantasy MMORPG free game of predefined paths and progression. You are absolutely free to choose your own individual path and play your way from the starting continents of Haranya and Nuia to the lost and unseen shores of Auroria, which is the birthplace of magic.

You can wield incredible powers drawn from 165 unique class combinations like never seen before. Master about 20 crafting skills, build houses and manors alongside in the open world, farm and trade your way, forge alliances with others and lay waste to all who stand in your way. 

On the contrary, you can turn your back on it all and live as a pirate, ransacking the traders and pillaging high seas for plunder and gold.

In ArcheAge calculator, you can do the following: 

  • Raise your own mount. 
  • Fight your way through a goofy dungeon. 
  • Craft the best armour in the game. 
  • Build your own open-world farms and houses as per your choice.
  • Sail your ship across the high seas to trade with foreign ports.
  • Swoop in on airships and fight other players for loot and tons of other incredible things.