This App is absolutely perfect for players who like to plan out their builds while they don’t have access to the game. If you are in a boring meeting, using the restroom or whether you are relaxing in the park; simply bring up this App and plan the greatest build possible. It is a must have for any dedicated Borderlands 3 player.

Borderlands 3 is Rated as M for Mature; although this App is only meant to be used by players of the game. The App may be rated lower since it is purely made out of icons and text. It has no gameplay screenshots available or other game elements that may be violent in nature.

Some key features include:

  • You can now view all Skill Trees from the heroes of Borderlands 3 – Amara, Fl4k, Maze and Zane.
  • See full detailed descriptions of skills and their respective ranked stats.
  • Build your own build by choosing passive, action and augment skills, build may also have free text notes.
  • Add extra skill points with the Class Mod system if needed.
  • Save and Load your favourite builds for future reference.
  • You will get a summary view of allocated skills.

 An auto backup support is there for your builds, assuming that you have it enabled for your device.