If you’re a RuneScape member, you can start by entering your RuneScape username in the tab given and hit ‘Calculate’. This will automatically load your current experience stage and set an appropriate goal to your level. 

If you’re logged into any of the forums, the calculator will load the username set in your profile. If you’re not a member of RuneScape, or do not wish to login using any credentials then you can manually fill in your level or experience in the current and goal fields.

By using the dropdown to the right of the username field, you can select a different skill to calculate. So once the above data is entered, the calculator will itself calculate the approximate number of actions that are needed to be completed. 

In order to help narrow down your selection of items, you may choose a main category and then further dig into select sub categories.

Some additional options are also available to help in your calculations. These include facilitating hiding members only items, hiding items that are higher than your level, hiding the sub category field from the table available and showing the materials that are required to make the item in the table.