Critical Point Calculator

It is also called a critical point or stationary point calculator. A critical point of a differentiable function of a specified real or complex variable is any value in its domain area where its derivative is 0. 

It is a number ‘a’ in the domain of a given function ‘f’. It is the ‘x’ value given to the function and it is set for all real numbers. 

A function given by y = f(x)  has critical points at all points x0 where f’ (x0) = 0  or f(x)  is not differentiable. 

Another function given as x = f(x, y) has critical points where the gradient ᐁf = 0  or მf/მx or the partial derivative value მf/მy are not defined.

To find the critical numbers of the function, you need to set the first derivative equal to zero (0) and then solve for x. 

If the first derivative has a denominator with a variable, then set the denominator = 0 and the solve for the value of x. 

You can also use the online critical number calculator to make your calculations easier in a more simplified manner.