Cross Product Calculator is a free online tool that simply displays the cross product of two vectors within a couple of seconds or let us say at one quick click. 

In Mathematics, the cross product is also known as the vector product, which is a binary operation of two vectors in a three-dimensional (3D) space. The formula to calculate the cross product of two vectors is given below:

a × b = |a| |b| sin(θ) n 

Where, a & b are the two vectors, Θ is the angle between two vectors, | | represents the magnitude and n is a unit vector which is at right angles to both the vectors a and b. The process to use the cross product calculator is as under:

Step 1: Enter the real numbers in the respective input field.

Step 2: Now click on the button “Solve” to get the cross product.Step 3: Finally, the cross products of two vectors will be displayed in the output field.