In the simplest and easiest case of dice probabilities, there is the slightest chance of getting a particular number with one dice. Say for the possibility of number 5 coming up on a dice is 1/6th. In probability, the one basic rule is that we must calculate it by looking at the number of possible outcomes in contrast to the desired outcome.

The formula that can be used to do so is:

Probability = Number of desired outcomes ÷ Number of possible outcomes

These probabilities certainly get a little more complex to work out when an individual rolls more than one dice say when two dices are involved. The calculation of the independent probabilities takes place when one wants to know what is the likelihood of getting two 6s when they roll two dice.

Now, these independent probabilities follow the rule that one must multiply the individual probabilities together to achieve the result. Therefore, the formula for this is:

Probability of both = Probability of outcome one × Probability of outcome two

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