The Dungeon Quest is a massive online multiplayer dungeon RPG game on Roblox that has been designed by vCaffy. Here, the players can team up or play solo however they like and choose their dungeon based on the level of difficulty they want to go into. 

As and when these players progress up the dungeons and difficulties, they will gain access to improved items that can be equipped and used in combat. 

The Dungeon Quest game has always had an active, steadily growing and prominent player base on Roblox with the passage of time. Other features may appear in the upcoming future updates. 

The Dungeon Quest Wiki is owned as well as managed by the Official Dungeon Quest Wiki Staff.

The DPS formula is established and it does include the other stuff like Weaken, Glasscannon, Push the Limit amongst many other things. 

What begins is the power stat points at the start, the bwd of weapon (high base damage), WD%, ED%, then the other damage affixes from sets, crystal affixes, natures and legend affixes.