The dynasty trade calculator uses a series of algorithms to determine the open market (vacuum) player value. The displayed calc values are the simple means of a player’s buy and sell line order, and it adjusts according to the user’s league parameters like position and performance. 

Player values have a mass update each week on every Tuesday and smaller values are daily updated as and when needed. Remember that the trade calculator is not intended to be conclusive. 

Always be sure to exhaust all the resources when evaluating a trade and factor in your team needs and situation.

League size– choose from 10,12,14 and 16 team league sizes. Smaller leagues will see value bumps for top tier players while larger leagues have more value emphasis on depth.

Scoring options– PPR, .5 PPR, Non PPR

League format- Standard, Superflex, 2 Quarterback, Running Back Point Per Carry, Tight End Premium, Devy.League settings- Disable Badges, League Import, Clear calc, Copy URL.