This calculator will in every way help you to determine the end behaviour of the given polynomial function. The End behaviour of multiple polynomial functions helps you to find out how the graph of a polynomial function f(x) behaves.

That means, you can find out whether or not the function approaches a positive infinity or a negative infinity. This end behaviour of a graph is usually determined by the degree and the leading coefficient of the polynomial function.

You are asked to enter the polynomial function in the given end behaviour calculator in order to find the graph for both odd degree and even degree. 

Both positive & negative coefficients are sufficient enough to predict the function. 

The End behaviour of polynomial function will predict the graph by checking the degree of function and leading coefficient.While comparing, the leading coefficient is very intrinsic to the other coefficients available in the function for both large and small numbers. If you get any kind of error, double-check your expression, add parentheses and multiplication signs where needed and consult the table below.

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