Inverse Laplace Calculator

As the name suggests, Inverse Laplace Transform Calculator is an online tool available free of cost to find the inverse Laplace Transform of a given function F(s). 

Here, time-domain is denoted by ‘t’ and S-domain is ‘s’. Recall that L−1(F(s))L−1(F(s)) is such a function f(t)f(t) that L(f(t))=F(s)L(f(t))=F(s).

Usually, to find the Inverse Laplace Transform of a function, we tend to use the property of linearity of the Laplace Transform function. So, just perform partial fraction decomposition (if or when needed), and then consult the table of Laplace Transforms given on your calculation portal.

The conditions for the existence of an inverse laplace of F(s) = f(t) are:

sF(s) = 0

ss . F(s) 

Where both the limits are finite.

Please note that the syntax helper works only with elementary functions such as Sin, Cos, Arc, Tan, Log, and Exponential. So, probably the best way to identify the transform is by taking a look at the denominator. 

Now, if there is more than one possibility, you should use the numerator to identify the correct one. Fix up the numerator if required to get it into the form needed for the inverse transform process. Finally, take the inverse transform.