The Least Common Denominator Calculator is a free online tool that displays the LCM of the denominators.

A fraction is a number that is expressed as “a/b”. It is considered as a part of the whole. It is defined as the ratio between two integers separated by a slash (/) symbol. The upper part of a fraction is called the numerator, and the lower part of a fraction is called the denominator.

For the given two fractions, the calculator will display the Least Common Denominator (LCD), which is the smallest for all the common denominators.

The standard form of the Fraction is:

Fraction = Numerator / Denominator

  • You must list the multiples of the given numbers.
  • Now find out the smallest number that is common in both the multiples list.
  • The smallest number will be the least common denominator.

The procedure to use the least common denominator calculator is as follows:

Step 1: First enter the two fractional values in the respective input fields.

Step 2: Then click the button “Calculate LCD” to get the output.Step 3: The result will be displayed in the LCD output or answer field.