Are you willing to be in a relationship specifically with someone? If yes, then you might enjoy using this love calculator for yourself. Not that you should rely on it 100%, but it’s surely something fun to do when you’ve been dreaming of dating someone for a long time. Perhaps, you might even enjoy it if you’re already dating.

There are many types of love calculators out there. This one works only on the basis of names that you enter.

So, what is this love calculator and how does it really work? Let’s see how much it is worth spending time here.

What is a Love Calculator?

Like any other online calculator, this one also works based on a formula. Based on the inputs you give, which in this case is names, you’ll get a percentage that depicts compatibility between two people.

Even though these calculations are made based on some existing scientific theories and logic, we always recommend you to use this for fun. So, if you’re already in a happy relationship and the percentage given by the calculator is low, don’t believe that things won’t work out between you two.

Normally, we recommend you to use this if you can take the results lightly. This is because love and relationships are neither maths nor science – they’re beyond theories. At times, the results of a love calculator may match your current relationship status (on the negative side). However, if you work on things, you don’t need the calculator to say whether you two should be together or not.

How Does this Calculator Work?

There is no online calculator that works very randomly. They’re all coded to make certain calculations based on the inputs you provide. Even in a love calculator, calculations are made on the basis of name, date of birth and zodiac signs. While some calculators use all 3, some use only the names and some use names along with either of the 2.

Let’s focus on this one, which only uses names. Using certain numerology theories, the computer will derive certain traits from the names you’ve given. Based on the number of traits that match, it will calculate a certain percentage and show you a “compatibility” level. So, the higher the percentage, the more compatible you are.

For every percentage, you’ll even get a comment on whether the match is bad, good or made in heaven. These comments too are coded according to the numerical results it obtains.

What is an Ideal Reaction to Love Calculators?

There’s a reason why we have the love calculator in a “fun category”. Ideally, the results should be amusing to you. That’s it. Our calculations are based on certain theories regarding names of people. However, relationships are based on more than just names and zodiacs.

There is no love calculator in reality that we’ll say is 100% accurate. However, you might relate to it minutely. This could help you work upon certain things in your relationship. Else, you enjoy whatever you get!