Most of the surveys that are conducted for market research purposes are based on the information that is collected from a small population (called ‘Sample’) as opposed to the full population (a census). 

As the sample is only a replica or a representation of the full population, it is likely that some error will be bound to occur, not in terms of the calculation, but in terms of the sampling. That is, a sampling error will emerge because the researchers did not include everyone that exists within a given population. 

The MOE measures the maximum percentage by which the sample results may deviate from the census results. As most responses to survey questions can be presented in terms of percentages, it only makes sense that the MOE is also presented as a percentage.

The steps of use are very simple:

1. To begin with, use the drop-down menu to select the confidence level.

2. Now, you need to input the sample size and then the proportion percentage.

3. Also, if needed, you can provide details of the population size.4. Finally, just click on the “Calculate” button to generate the outputs.