The Mod Calculator is a free online tool that gives you results by displaying the modulo of the given two numbers. In ancient mathematics, the mod function is also known as the modulo or the modulus. It is defined as a remainder value when any two given numbers are divided.

The mathematical representation of the modulo function is always given as a mod b, where a and b are two different numbers.

For instance, 16 mod 3 = 1. Here, the variables are: a = 16, b = 3. When 16 is divided by 3, given the quotient obtained is 5 and it leaves with the remainder of 1. Hence, the 16 mod 3 is equal to 1.

The procedure to use the mod calculator is as simple as follows:

Step 1: Enter two numbers in the respective input field.

Step 2: Now click the button “Solve” to get the modulo value.

Step 3: Finally, the modulo of the given numbers will be displayed in the output field.