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Trying to get pregnant? If yes, then you need to know when you’ll be ovulating. To know the dates, this ovulation calculator will help you figure out when you can possibly conceive. Before we get to the working of the calculator, let’s first understand the functioning of the female body.

How Does the Menstrual Cycle Work?

The menstrual cycle is a period of 28 days, starting from the first day of your period and ending on the first day of your next period. So, if you got your period today, your next period is likely to come after 28 days from today. It is in-between these 28 days when you’re ovulating.

So, when is it exactly that you start ovulating?

Usually, a woman is ovulating 10-16 days before the next period is about to begin. If your period is extremely regular, then you can figure out the time when your ovulation is going to take place.

You do know how you get your periods – when your egg travels down the fallopian tubes and doesn’t get fertilized, it gets reabsorbed by the body. This causes a fall is the oestrogen and progesterone levels and the womb lining will fall as your “period”.

This period lasts for 5-7 days. Once your periods are over, another egg develops in the ovaries. If you want to know when it will be released, this calculator will give you a direct answer.

How Does the Ovulation Calculator Work?

The menstrual cycle in most women is irregular. It means that not everyone will get their next period after exactly 28 days. Thus, you cannot always determine the exact day you’ll be ovulating and the day you’ll be most fertile.

So, this calculator will give you an approximate time period as to when you’ll be ovulating in the next few months, along with the date of the next period, which is again a probability.

If you’ve been keeping a note of your cycle and it’s regular, then this calculator can help you out. All you have to do is input the last date of your period’s first day and the average length of your cycle.

The following will be estimated for the next 6 months for you:

The most probable date of ovulation: The date when you have the highest chances of ovulating or releasing the egg from the ovaries to the fallopian tube.

Ovulation Window: It is a time period of 8 days when you’re likely to be ovulating.

Fertile Window: This is a tenure of 5 days when you’re likely to be able to conceive.

Next Period: The probable date around which you’ll get your next period if you did not conceive.

Pregnancy Test: This date will be before you get your next period. You’re most likely to find out you’re pregnant by this date, if applicable.

Due Date if Pregnant: If you did conceive on any of these dates, the calculator also estimates when you’re likely to deliver according to the date of detecting pregnancy.

Now, if you’re pregnant already, then our pregnancy calculator will help you out with some other details you might be willing to know.