The Ph Calculator is a free, helpful and online tool which can be accessed on any electronic device that displays the Ph value for the given chemical solution.  In the subject of Chemistry, the term Ph represents the potential of hydrogen. 

Ph is a measurement for acidity or alkalinity of an element and has levels of indication. It is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration, which determines if the given chemical solution is acidic, basic or alkaline in nature. 

The value of the Ph scale usually ranges from 0 to 14. For any aqueous solution with a temperature of 25°C with a Ph value, less than 7 are considered as acidic, whereas a Ph value greater than 7 is considered as alkaline or base. 

The procedure to use the Ph calculator is as follows:

Step 1: In the first step, you need to enter the chemical solution name and its concentration value in the respective input field.

Step 2: Here, click the button “Calculate” to get the Ph value.

Step 3: Finally, the Ph value will be displayed in the new window with the result telling you the nature of the chemical solution.