TAVT Calculator

The Department of Revenue is in the process of updating the motor vehicle values in the state of Georgia’s Registration and Title Information System also known as “GRATIS”. It is a process which only occurs annually. This is the same valuation data that can be found in the Department’s online title ad valorem tax or the “TAVT” calculator.

In some instances, updating the values in GRATIS has eventually caused the Fair Market Value (“FMV”) of a motor vehicle in this online TAVT calculator. It has caused a change between the date the vehicle was sold and also the date when the title work is being processed at the county tag office.

This may have created a discrepancy as the dealer might have collected TAVT on a value that is different than the one the county is seeing in the GRATIS. Actually, the purpose of this bulletin is simply to discuss a solution for county tag offices to utilize this facility while facing a problem.