The Grade point average (GPA) is a very commonly used indicator of an individual’s academic achievement at school, college or university level. It is the simple average of the grades attained in each of the courses a student is pursuing, taking the course credit points into consideration. 

Grading systems vary differently in different countries, or even from school-to-school. This calculator accepts letter grades as well as any numerical inputs. 

The calculator can account for this based on the number of credits attributed to a given specific course or elective, where credit is the “weighting” of the course. 

These letter grades are translated into numerical values as shown below:

A+ = 4.3 grade points

A = 4 grade points

A- = 3.7 grade points and so on 

To calculate your own GPA, you need to type in the number of credit hours earned for a course. These letter grade values are provided after the calculator for your understanding and convenience. 

Your grade points will automatically be calculated after you have inserted necessary inputs. Similarly, repeat this process for all of your grades. Your total credits (GPA) deficit points and grade points will be updated as you add or remove grades. 

You can use a grade calculator for 2 vital reasons:

  • To determine your overall grade in a course.
  • To determine what you need more in order to get the required score that is your ideal final grade.