Enter the number of sockets you want of each and every colour under the “Desired Sockets”. If you know the current colours in your item, you can enter them under “Current Sockets”. 

Under the “Stat Requirements”, you must enter the STR, DEX, and INT requirements as displayed exactly on your item. Now, the “NChr” will give you the probability of getting your desired colours after rolling that many chromatic orbs. 

For the advanced users, “X” is a hidden parameter of the model. The default of 12 is recommended, but you can eventually play around with it. Higher values makes rolling off-colours easier, better and convenient.

Now see, the basic chromatic crafting chance is more accurate. Before that, it didn’t take into account that you can’t roll the same colours twice. But now it does. 

This although has a very minor effect on zero-stat, two-stat, three-stat items; it definitely has a very large effect on single-stat items. Also, it includes an extra column for the average number of tries to get a success and a row for the drop rate. 

Finally, after extensive testing, the chance to get off-colours seems to be based on ilevel! 

So, right now we use X = 7 + ilevel / 7. 

It could be closer to X = 8 + ilevel / 9 or X = 6 + ilevel / 5 or anything else, who knows!