The ABG Calculator, like the ones usually embedded in various websites, is a very simple piece of software that can be accessed from any device. It is used to quickly calculate the interpretation of a sample set of ABG results. It has been designed to help students master the skills of ABG Interpretation.  

The ABG Calculator can help you with this process. However, it is advisable if you learn to perform an ABG Analysis on your own without any technical help. 

Step 1 – In the beginning step, you need to obtain and run the ABG sample. 

Step 2 – This will help you determine if the pH is Alkalosis or Acidosis by nature.

Step 3 – It will also determine if the issue faced is Respiratory or Metabolic.

Step 4 – Finally it will suggest if it is Compensated or Uncompensated. 

Upon Arterial Blood Gas (the ABG) Interpretation Analysis, you could come to terms with the following mentioned factors:

1) The level of Oxygenation of blood through gas exchange in the lungs.

2) The amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) elimination through respiration.

3) The Acid-base balance or imbalance in extracellular fluid (ECF).

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