So, when you enter a date of birth (DOB) into this calculator, the function subtracts that date from the current date (or one you enter) in order to give you the difference between the two dates. 

Next, it will format the result to display it in a chronological order – implies that it first displays years, months and then days. It has a flexible feature, wherein you’ll also be able to find out statistics for the number of months & days, weeks and days and also the number of days left until your next birthday.

If you would like to unveil more interesting facts about your birthday – like your sun sign, birthstone, celebrities you share your birthday with and the number one record on your birthday, you should try the birthday calculator. 

Method of calculation:

1.     First, you will need the date of assessment (DOA) and DOB.

2.     Next, convert these dates in this order… Year, Month, Day.

3.     Now, using the converted dates, subtract the DOB from the DOA.

4.  Multiply the number of years by 12 and add to the number of months.  If there are 15 or more days, add 1 more month to the age.  This will give you the child’s chronological age.