You can now create your own talent build for all your classes and specializations. This calculator is incredibly useful since classic is right around the corner and as a druid main with the intent and purpose of playing.

In fact, Alts too is now being able to save different builds and the other theory craft is a lifesaver totally. It is a very well-constructed calculator indeed. Super excellent, clean, simple, precise and 100% accurate. Adding to it, you can save and open in other calculators, a job well done. 

There are absolutely no ads that will interrupt your experience and that is what makes this such an awesome app. So, if you are looking to swap some talent points to change your loadout or learn some new builds, then this app is fantastic and will save you a bunch of time.

It should automatically re-validate talent point dependency when reducing talent points spent on an earlier tier talent.

The app currently has the under mentioned features:

  • Designed specifically for mobile device interface. The mobile app currently makes use of swipe options to increase or decrease talent ranks.
  • It allows users to reset trees and builds.
  • It also allows users to build, save, update and delete their talent trees.