In the field of Maths, when two functions are combined in a manner such that the output of one function becomes the input to another function, then this is known as a composite function.

Now, consider three sets – X, Y and Z and let f : X → Y  and g: Y → Z.

The mapping will comprise of mappings with variables f and g is which are known to be the composition of mappings. These are denoted by gof and fog.

Therefore, we are mapping onto and into respectively. The composite function is denoted by:

(gof)(x) = g(f (X) )

Likewise, (fog) (x) = f (g(x))

This calculator will help you find the composition of the functions. In fact, it will also evaluate the composition at a specified point, if the need be. 

Fog and Gof are the functional composites or simply the composite functions. Here, fog means F-compose-g of x written as (f o g)(x) or written as f(g(x)). Similarly, Gof stands for G-compose of g written as (g o f)(x) or written as g(f(x)). 

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