The Empirical Calculator is a free tool available online that displays the empirical formula for the given chemical composition.

In ancient Chemistry, in an empirical formula, the given chemical compound gives the simplest positive integer ratio of the atoms that are present in the chemical compound. Unlike the molecular composition, it does not provide the complete information about the absolute number of atoms present in the single-molecule of a chemical compound.

If the molecular formula of a compound cannot be reduced further, then the empirical formula of a chemical compound is going to be the same as the molecular formula.

You need to enter the atomic symbols and percentage masses for each of the elements present and hit the “calculate” button to work out the empirical formula.

If the entered data does not fit to a simple formula, the program will re-attempt to generate the possible empirical formulae. Also, it will indicate how well these fit the percentage composition using the variance.On the other hand, if the percentage for one element is left out, the program will assume that this element represents the remainder of the mass.

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