The Fourier Series Calculator is an online application tool on the Fourier series designed to calculate the Fourier coefficients of one single real variable function.

Also, it can be used to bring out the graphical representation of the function and its Fourier series with the exact number of coefficients desired.

It facilitates the calculation of Fourier Coefficients, other analytic and numerical integrals. It is really useful to plot 1-variable functions and its Fourier series on a generic user-defined interval.

The Fourier Series Calculator has in the precision limitation of calculations up to 16 decimal digits. Note that the precision in the calculation of each and every coefficient absolutely depends on the size of interval entered for an interval of certain length given as 2π and the error is roughly o (10-7). 

However, at same time, the maximum processing time is merely 20 seconds and after that time, if no solution is found, the Fourier Series Calculator will stop the execution process. 

For higher execution times, please use the applet on the website where the calculator is provided. Fourier Series Calculator does not require installation of any kind, you just need a browser with a running JavaScript support facility.