The child support and help guidelines are the basis for establishing just and appropriate child support obligations for the state of Oregon’s families and children. 

With the aid of the Guidelines Advisory Committee, the Oregon Child Support Program reviewed and updated its child support guidelines in 2013. The updated guidelines are now clearer and provide more balance in calculating child support obligations amongst the citizens.

So, the Child Support Calculator helps concerned parents estimate their monthly child support obligations that are based on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. 

These guidelines are therefore used in all child support cases in order to determine how much money each parent should ideally contribute for the care of their child. 

Things that you need to know about the Child Support Calculator are:

  • The calculator only provides an estimate and is not a sure shot guarantee of the amount of child support that will be ordered.
  • The administrator, administrative law judge or court have the final authority to determine the amount of a child support order.