This tool is made available free of any charger and allows you to calculate the DPS between yourself and another player or the monster itself. It supports all sorts of combat styles and most of the popular equipment options. 

Steps to use:

  1. You are required to complete both the Player and Target tabs fully. 
  2. Once all data has been entered successfully, the Results tab will display a variety of information for both the player and the target too. This includes max hit, chance to hit, DPS, and attack speed. 

Please make a note of the following parameters:

  • The calculator does not take into consideration special attacks at this point in time. It does, however, takes into factoring any passive effects such as damage boosts from void.
  • The calculator does not account any form of poison or venom damage from items such as the Toxic blowpipe.

The purpose of this calculator’s description is to outline that the DPS metric is under-utilized in OSRS for whatever reasons. 

So, if you want to determine if one equipment setup is better than another in terms of pure damage output – DPS is the metric you need. It is best suited for gamers.