This calculator computes the registration fees on CARS e-Services. The Michigan State law [Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.217(4)] gives a clear understanding of this works and requires dealers instead to apply for title and registration on behalf of their customers by default.

When a customer needs a new plate, the dealer must calculate the plate fee and record this data or rather information on the RD-108, Application for Michigan Title – Statement of Vehicle Sale.

Calculating registration fees on CARS e-Services will minimize the plate fee errors, thus ensuring quicker turn-around time when dealers submit RD-108s. It is suggested that one must bookmark their new website for easy access and quick reference.

There are some vehicles that are registered by value (that is the base price) as found in multiple tabular charts that come along with the digital calculator. The base price is known as the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) that is mostly before any options or taxes are added.

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