The Theoretical Yield Calculator is a free online tool developed for you. It gives the user the amount of product predicted with the complete utilisation of the limiting reactant in any given chemical reaction.

In a usual chemical reaction, the theoretical yield has been defined as the amount of product predicted by stoichiometry. This is based on the number of complete reactants.

On the other hand, the actual yield is defined as the amount of product that is actually produced by the reactant in the chemical reaction composition.

So, the percentage yield can be easily calculated by means of the user-friendly calculator. It is done by dividing the actual yield to the theoretical yield. The theoretical yield is given in terms of moles or grams.

The formula that is used is:

Theoretical yield = (Actual Yield/Percentage yield) × 100

Step 1: In the beginning step, you are required to enter the actual yield, percent yield and x for the unknown in the input field.

Step 2: Now, hit the button “Calculate x” in order to get the theoretical yield value.

Step 3: In this last step, the theoretical yield of the chemical reaction will be displayed in the output field or a resulting tab.

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