Time Cards Calculator

Every organization has employees who work really hard and some who spend more time taking breaks. If your biometric records this, then you can calculate the actual number of hours an employee works per week. This time cards calculator will deduct the break hours from the total amount of time your employee spent in the office.

Whether your pay structure is dependent on the number of hours your employee works or not, it’s important to still calculate the time everyone gives every week. This might help you understand if anyone deserves a better bonus and if someone needs serious attention from the HR.

Why Calculate an Employee’s Working Hours?

Your employees have to be monitored from every aspect. One of these aspects is the number of working hours an employee gives per week. This attribute is not just used to decide how hard working the employee is. Here’s two things you should compare it with:

  • The quality of work he or she provides in those working hours
  • The amount of work he or she finishes in the time period you calculated

This comparison is first made for every individual employee and then the comparison is made between employees too. You might figure out employees who are:

  • Efficient and hard-working
  • Hard-working but not efficient enough
  • Simply casual – neither hard-working nor efficient

This in-turn helps you decide who needs an appraisal, who deserves a real promotion, who deserves a good bonus and who needs to be kicked out may be.

What Does the Time Cards Calculator Do?

The time cards calculator calculates the total number of hours worked per week. It is not the same as the number of hours spent in office, but the actual number of hours the employee actually works. At a time, you can calculate one employee’s working hours for one week.

How to Use it?

There are 3 columns where you need to fill in details – time in, time out and break deduction. Thus, the calculator is not enough for you to calculate your employee’s working hours. In fact, it is the final tool.

In order to fill in the inputs, you’ll be needing the biometric attendance report, which has details of when the employee entered and when he went out. All you need to do is be strict about the fact that your employees have to punch in even when they’re taking breaks.

Once the biometric gives you the details, you start entering them in the calculator. The break deduction per day is something you’d have to calculate in advance from the biometric report and enter it here.

After filling for all 7 days, you hit the calculate button and figure out the number of hours the employee gave per week.

Now, are you wondering if you have a lot of prior calculation to do in advance? Or, is there some more calculation you want to do after this as well?

Considering these needs for an organization, we have an offer for you. Embed this calculator on your software or ask us to build one that’s more appropriate and useful to you.