The X and Y Intercept calculator is a free to be used calculator available on the digital space that gives you the intercepts for any given straight line equation (given by y = mx + c). The specific point or the coordinates where the line intersects with the axis of the graph is called an intercept that has both X and Y values. 

If a point crosses the x-axis, then it is known as the x-intercept. Likewise, where a point crosses the y-axis is the y-intercept. The standard equation for the straight line is:

Ax + By = C, where A is the coefficient of x, B is the coefficient of y, and C is a constant independent of x and y values. 

The procedure to use x and y-intercept calculator is as follows:

Step 1: First you are supposed to enter the coefficients of the straight line equation A, B and C in the input fields.

Step 2: Next, you must click the button “solve” to get the output.

Step 3: Eventually, the result will be displayed in the corresponding x and y-intercept fields.

The x-intercept occurs when y=0 and the y-intercept occurs when x = 0. 

To find the x-intercept using the straight-line equation, substitute y=0 and solve for x. To find the y-intercept, substitute x=0 and solve for y.